What is a Sugar Baby?

Sugar Baby


Usually, a sugar baby is a someone who is in an arrangement with a sugar daddy.  An arrangement is best characterized by mutual benefits, i.e. both the sugar baby and the sugar daddy get exactly what they want from the arrangement.  There is no manipulation because of the honesty from the beginning.  Therefore, an arrangement is also known as a mutually beneficial relationship.  Sugar babies do not get paid for services.  Instead, they are given gifts by people they have arrangements with.  Of course, some prefer receiving allowance regularly.  In this day and age, some sugar babies are men who date sugar mommas.  Most of the time, arrangements are confidential, so sugar babies and sugar daddies/mommas do not tell others about it.

Sugar Babies are Not Gold Diggers


Sugar babies are looking for genuine and meaningful arrangements with powerful men, and they are honest when it comes to terms and conditions of arrangements.  In contrast, a gold-digger is usually a dishonest woman who dates a millionaire man to get his money.  Gold-diggers only want to get money quickly and then leave.  They use manipulative strategies to make money by doing this.

Once they’ve got what they want, they usually leave their men very fast because they are not looking for healthy long-term relationships.  Obviously, most rich men are not stupid, so it’s challenging for gold diggers to be with millionaire men for a long time.  That’s why gold diggers wouldn’t plan to stay in such relationships for long.  Indeed, these relationships are not sustainable.

Sugar Babies are Not Sex Workers

According to the above-mentioned description, sugar babies don’t sell services.  By contrast, a sex worker is often a woman who makes money by offering sex service.  This is not legal everywhere in the world, yet it is considered “the world’s oldest profession.”  According to Wikipedia, sex workers also include those who are involved in relevant service industries, e.g., pornography models and actors, performers in live sex shows (striptease, Go-Go dancing, lap dancing, Neo-burlesque and peep shows), and so on.
But arrangements are legal in every country because an arrangement is about two adults who are honest about their expectations.  No one should judge what adults agree to do behind closed doors. As long as they are both willing to do it and it’s legal, it is their business.  Therefore, sugar babies are not sex workers.  In fact, sugar babies are switched-on women who know their worth and what they deserve.

The secret to getting what you want is not to do anything or not say anything. Raising your standards happens when you just get sick and tired of dealing with the same type of guys. You have to want something new. Understand you are worthy before sugaring. Be patient for something awesome. Don’t just settling for okay. Sugaring is all about being playful and not having to over try to make something work out. So when you meet someone new, keep it sweet and sugary. Still, have boundaries and raise your standards. sugar baby sugar baby website what is a sugar baby

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