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Welcome Sugar! dating site for free


As a Sugar Baby, please keep in mind the following safety and precautionary advice:

Don’t share banking info

Do not give out account numbers,   usernames or passwords.


SugarDateNow is about real   relationships.


 No online-only.-- It is about meeting face-to-face.


Mutually Beneficial Arrangement


It could involve companionship, mentoring, casual dating. Mutual benefits are when both parties benefit beyond the physical. It is not one-sided. Stereotypes follow that being a Sugar Baby means exchanging sex for money. A true example of a mutually beneficial relationship is a successful Daddy providing his partner with gifts, allowance, trips. In return, he has her attention, companionship and even loves, perhaps.  

How do you handle being emotionally and physically supportive? How do you walk away from a relationship that is no longer satisfying? Sometimes showing support to your Sugar Daddy does not necessarily have to be a big effort while other times ending it is the best option.

Let’s look at ways to show emotional support to our partners. 

Also when to leave a relationship that is no longer mutually beneficial. 

Each arrangement has its lessons that are important. 

We never advise babies to have relationships that have a negative effect on them.

Showing Your Sugar Daddy Emotional Support

  There are a variety of ways to show emotional support to your Sugar Daddy. Listening to him, gentle caressing or touching, offering advice or suggestions and so on. It is helpful to him to know he can talk to you.
 I encourage my Sugar Daddy to speak freely.
Always make sure to listen to his problem attentively. I reassure him that the emotion he is experiencing is perfectly normal. If the situation warrants me giving an opinion or suggestion, then I go for it.  I validate what he is going through. This can be done nonverbally through touch and caress. It doesn’t have to be sensual or erotic but more calming and soothing.
Nodding, smiling and making eye contact are several ways I am intimate and emotionally present. I am only showing support and don’t enforce my own opinion. Rather I offer suggestions in a supportive manner.
 In summary, you can show your daddy emotional support by being emphatic. This can be done through nonverbal communication like eye contact and hair stroking. Listen, be attentive and ask questions only when necessary. You can also show support in little and tangible ways. 
This can be done by confirming your support verbally. Simple words like “I am here for you, it’s all going to be okay” mean a lot. dating apps free the best dating sites dating site for free